​I am predominantly a portrait painter although I do paint a variety of other subjects too. I enjoy people and I think this translates into my choice of subject. In my portraits I hope to capture not only a good likeness but someone's character, so that even if a person sees the painting without knowing the subject, they will have some sense of them.

In 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic I participated in Tom Croft's #portraitsfornhsheroes initiative and painted nurses and doctors in both the United Kingdom and here in the USA. My work was featured on Sky News and mentioned in The Economist.

My painting, entitled Matthew and Sami (a married couple, both doctors in the UK), featured in the Portraits for NHS book published by Bloomsbury, 2020.

My paintings have been shortlisted for The Royal Society of Portrait Painters annual exhibition, the Society of Women Artists annual exhibition and the Royal Institute of Oil painters annual exhibition - all in London, UK. I have exhibited at the Hamstead School of Art annual exhibition in 2017 where I won a prize for my painting entitled 'Bea'.

As a writer, and someone who sees myself as an evolving artist, I enjoy talking to and asking other artists about their creative process: What makes people create, how they work, where they find inspiration, the things that challenge them, etc. I have created an Instagram page where I interview artists called @magic_8_art. You can see my older interviews with artists here and my articles with FG Magazine are here.

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